In 1…2…3…

“Kalo aku bilang sesuatu sama kamu, kira-kira kamu marah ga ya?”

“Apa tu?”


“Boarding. Tadi apa yang mau diomongin?”

“Ntar begitu landing langsung nyalain hp ya.”

“Lhaaa…sekarang ajaaa.”

“Ok. Aku nunggu kamu di airport ya…dah sampai.”

“He? Lho? Haha. Ga marah lah Babe. Tapi cape kamu khan.”



“I know.”


She was sitting there, on that chair in that restaurant, busy with her smartphone, waiting her love one who just landed. And not too long until she felt there was someone starring not far from her. In a second her head was up and her eyes found those cute ones. Their lips smiled each other, and in one…two…three second, they met in one kiss on each other.

“Cape? Kamu pilek?”

“Ga. Hanya perubahan dari panas, AC, ke panas lagi.”


“Where did you park the car?”

“In the parking lot.”

“I know, but where?”

“Little bit far from here. You want to wait here and I get the car, or?”

“No, no problem, let’s walk together. But wait, I take off this jacket first.¬†You’re so nice.”

“Nice in terms of what? Surprisingly picking you up, or?”

“With new hair cut, and your style like that. That knee-length dress with blazer, winter stocking and that ankle boots. ¬†Gorgeous.”

“Thank you.”


“Nanti kamu aku anterin sampe depan rumah sakit di kompleks itu ya. Biar aku ga terlalu malem.”

“Sampe rumah aja.”

“Ga papa juga sih. Serius?”

“Eh ga usah deh, dah malem.”

And someone’s hand grabbed hers, stopped her to change the gear. Stop her to make that car moving. She looked at that hand. Then looked at someone; the owner of that hand. Then those eyes starred each other. They were getting closer, and they closed, when their mouth met. And those sweet kisses…


Tonight, we are young, so let’s set the world on fire…


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