Need Your Donation A.S.A.P!!!…

Letter from Angel of Paws Moderator…

Hi members, few days ago few of our members receive an email about a guy who takes care of 22 stray dogs and 15 cats. He’s an incredible guy with a good heart. His name is Pak Triyono.
He lives in Batuceper Kalideres, Tangerang.

He runs a “Spanduk Business” where he would print and designs other businesses’ logo for several businesses where mostly are for property agents.

With his own money, he would take care of these dogs and cats. Since, the subprime mortgage crisis, he’s business has been crumbling down. His monthly revenue that was usually about Rp 80,000,000 ($8,000) has gone down to ($2,000).

The problem also has increased because he has an interest payment to pay every month, about Rp 6 million ($600) for his house where he takes care of those dogs. He has not been able to pay this amount, which made his immediate debt went to Rp33 million ($3,300). His priority now is to pay Rp 32,647,322,- (about $3,300 for Jan09- June 09 debt) ASAP or Panin Bank will take over his house and the animals will be on the streets.
His full debt is Rp 325 million.

Therefore, since there are 179 members of you in this, I would like to ask for your help to donate money to amount $3,300. That would be about $20 for each of you (Rp 200,000).

When you transfer the money to Angels of Paws account at 164 031 8500,Bank BCA branch Kalimalang Joyce Aryani Gunawan, please email your proof at

In the meantime, here are what AOP plan to do:

  • Getting the proof of payment to Bank Panin and post it to you all on Facebook.
  • I, Yuri will personally coach Pak Tri business so that his business can be profitable and works without him.
  • Creating Communities of committed people that want to adopt dogs and cats from Pak Tri as well as other places such as JAAN, ICare and the streets.
  • Getting exposure over the web through Pak Didi (on of the founders of, now have his own site

I thank you for your help, and please DONATE NOW!! safe those animals life now!!


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