Coming To You…

“Flight attendants landing position”…

Hmmm…I’m coming to you, Dear. Just can’t wait to see your cute eyes, after two weeks.



“I am here.”

“See you soon, out there.”


“Hmmm…lama banget nih koper ga keluar-keluar.”


“Where are you? Aku dah di luar sekarang.”

“He? Aku juga di luar.”

“Depan Starbucks.”

“Aku di depan Quiznos.”

“Aku ke situ.”

“Hahaha…now I’m in front of Starbucks.”


Haaiisshh…rame bener…where are you, Babe, Why I can’t find you?

And not too long after that conversation…those two faces, those two smiles and those 4 eyes found each other…

“Hey, Babe!”


And two kisses were landed on cheeks…

“Wadduuhh, kamu masih pake baju kerja. Suaramu masih bindeng. Belum check-in?”

“Check-in siy udah, barang-barangku masih aku tarokh di concierge.”

“How are you? Tired?”

“Yup, but happy.”

“As usual. You always like that. Thanks for picking me up ya.”

“Bentar, antri taxi di sini khan ya.”

Suddenly those four eyes look each other, and their two heads are getting closer, until those two lips met for few seconds.


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