Persepsi Bebas # 1

A: may i hold n kiss you sweety?
A: i read your blog already.
A: u dont answer my quest dear

B: br ada charger lg cinta…smua sms br pd msuk..
B: the answer is still no

A: thanks for being frank. i respect ur decision. in this situation i just imagine how peaceful it will be to rest my weary head in somebody’s arms and kiss her with affection.

B: Ngapain? Pusing dikantorkah?
A: keep thinking abt u
A: ya hectic work n i can’t think. God.. all i need now is somebody to hug me and ease me.

B: Kok jd manja. Biasanya bisa handle..
A: I hate this feeling like hell. wish i never met u.

B: Ayo jangan nyesel..maaf ya kalo buat kamu jd kayak gini..
A: It’s not your fault that i hv to feel all this again. don’t apologize. aku cuma lelah lahir batin dg kerjaan dan serasa tersesat di padang tandus, terbiasa dg dahaga ttp skrg liat sumur air tapi tetap ga bisa meminumnya. rasanya rela minum sekali stlh itu mati.


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